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PVC windows – the best choice

CAIXIAVE has solutions for all types of houses (new or old).

Whatever the style of your home, there is an appropriate solution. Blending Quality and Design, CAIXIAVE windows guarantee the aesthetic balance of your home.

You can customize the house to your liking, having at your disposal a multitude of ways. And because life is not black and white, you can choose any of the proposals from our Deuctone color system. At CAIXIAVE we want to help you create your space, your world!

Wide range of colors and finishes




Relax and enjoy the carefree comfort of the home. CAIXIAVE windows are manufactured with uPVC profiles reinforced with double glazing, in accordance with European safety standards.

Year after year, they resist harsh weather conditions and are an obstacle that is difficult to transpose. Without ever compromising on the aesthetics of the house, CAIXIAVE windows are your invisible ally.


 Thermal insulation

To maintain a pleasant environment is necessary protection against harsh weather conditions. PVC windows keep your room insulated, reduce heat loss, and overspend on heating.

CAIXIAVE windows ensure a greater use of heat compared to a traditional window, reducing energy consumption. The use of insulation materials prevents condensation, increases the quality of the environment and ensures durability.



In moments when you just want to be alone, leave the noise outside. Due to the high quality of materials and components, CAIXIAVE products guarantee a sound-free environment.

The PVC elements and the use of double glazing insulation form a defensive barrier for all types of noise and agitation. All elements have been studied for maximum sound insulation.



By creating a protective barrier against moisture and corrosion, the use of PVC and high quality accessories ensure long life of your windows.

CAIXIAVE windows are 2 to 3 times longer than a conventional window, with virtually no maintenance. A perfect mechanical functioning and the unalterability of colors reveal no signs of the passage of time.




Save up to 40% of energy consumption in a home
Increase the value of the property by improving its energy classification
Higher levels of thermal and acoustic comfort
Reduction of consumption and energy bill
Save on heating in winter and summer cooling
Reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere
Variety of colors and finishes allow adaptation to all needs, whether for new works or renovation works