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Caixiave Group

With the most advanced production facility located in Portugal, CAIXIAVE is currently leading the Iberian market for efficient windows and doors.

In addition to the Iberian market, CAIXIAVE is currently a company with international activity in 5 countries: Portugal, Spain, France, Angola and Brazil.

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Our Mission

The CAIXIAVE Group aims to remain at the forefront of the Iberian market for efficient windows and doors and to be at the forefront of the European industry of such systems.

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Innovation & Development

CAIXIAVE has been betting from the beginning of its activity on a strategy of innovation and development of new products and new services.

This commitment has enabled CAIXIAVE to permanently launch new solutions for efficient PVC and aluminium-wood windows and doors.

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Human Resources

CAIXIAVE currently has about 250 high-performance employees, distributed by the different functional areas of the Group.

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